Emerald jewelry is famous for its clear dark green color. Emeralds are used in finger rings, pendants, earrings, etc. Explore the article to know more about emerald jewelry.


Emerald is a much admired fantastic green stone. It is the green variety of the mineral beryl and one of the most well prized gems. All over history emerald has been one of the most preferred and popular gems. Due to its dazzling beauty, emerald jewelry such as earrings, finger rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets are highly cherished. Emerald is associated with Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, and is believed to confer the wearer with faithfulness and pure love. These gemstones are often called healing stones for relationships, for the heart, and for health. Some traditions say that the emerald will help one to become more understanding in relationships and thus makes it a helpful addition to wedding rings. It is the birthstone for May and the Zodiac stone for those born under the Cancer sign.

Mystical Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds are widely used in jewelry such as engagement rings, anniversary rings and wedding rings; also in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants etc.

Emerald Earrings

Earrings have become part of everyday life, particularly gemstone earrings. They are most commonly worn on special occasions. These earrings can be fun and trendy or classy and stylish. Emerald stones studded into white gold or silver metal are very famous.

Emerald Bracelets

A bracelet is a piece of jewelry that hangs beautifully around the wrist. Emerald bracelets are an elegant piece of jewelry that give a glittering circle of gemstones around the wrist. The appearance of this bracelet can further be amplified by adding diamond or crystals along with the emerald. 

Emerald Necklaces

The dark green colored emerald gemstone along with diamante makes a great neckpiece. And one of the famous necklaces in trend today is natural emerald baroque shaped neck pieces with silver or steel clasps. 

Emerald Finger Rings

As emeralds are known for maintaining successful relationships, emerald finger rings for marriages are in great demand. Rings combining emerald and diamond are considered auspicious for weddings. These rings also make a great anniversary gift.

Emerald Pendants

Emeralds are cut into different shapes and sizes and can be used in pendants. Emerald pendants with yellow or white gold enhance the beauty of the chain.