Quartz is a gemstone that is affordable and easy on the pocket. Read on to know more about quartz gemstones in this article.


The quartz gemstone is probably one of the most popular and versatile gemstones that are available. Quartz is a rock crystal and has been in use since ancient times. Despite the most sought varieties of quartz like citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, agates, ametrine, chrysoprase, onyx and rutilated quartz, there are many other varieties available too. These gems are affordable and stand apart from expensive gemstones like jade and diamonds.

Quartz Gemstone

Quartz is said to be the second most common mineral found on the Earth’s crust after feldspar. Quartz is made up of silicon oxygen tetrahedra. The word quartz is derived from the German word ‘quarz’ which means ‘cross-vein ore’. In ancient times in the Middle East and Europe, quartz was used in jewelry. Quartz was not only used for jewelry, but was a major element to be used in scientific experiments.

There are a few varieties of quartz like purple to violet amethyst and yellow to golden or orange citrine. A particular variety of quartz called drusy quartz with its surface which is covered by tiny sparkling crystals is a very unusual piece of jewelry.

Major Varieties Of Quartz


This is cryptocrystalline variety of quartz and is by and large white in color.


This is a multi colored chalcedony that are available with bands and are translucent in nature.


This is a semi-transparent variety of chalcedony with minute inclusions like mica.


It looks similar to agate, but with parallel and consistent bands.


These are cryptocrystalline quartz that is opaque in nature with colors ranging between red to brown.

Tiger’s Eye

These are reddish brown to gold colored quartz.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink and translucent gemstone that may display diasterism.

Rock Crystal 

Rock crystals are colorless and clear.

Milk Quartz

These gemstones are white in color that is ranges between translucent to opaque with diasterism.

Smoky Quartz

These gemstones are brown to gray in color and are opaque in nature.