‘Moonstone’ as the name indicates is representation of the Moon Goddess. Here is an article with more details of the soft milky white gem stone.


The moonstone is named for its resemblance to the color of the moon. It owes its name to the soft milky white stone with a bluish or yellowish tint. It is also known as ‘Stone of Emotional Balance’ and represents the moon goddess. It is an excellent gemstone used in meditation to understand oneself. It is believed that the stone transmits lunar energy and helps soothe and balance human emotions. This is a considered a good gemstone for young women or teenagers. This gemstone is worn to unblock those feelings in a person who is afraid to acknowledge or experience consciously how they on a personal and internal level. Moonstone jewels make highly prized gifts for lovers as they arouse tender passions. These gemstones are considered protective stone for travelers, swimmers and sailors.

Moonstone Jewelry Handicrafts

Besides the romanticism of the night, it is believed that the stone is coupled with peace and tranquility. Hence from ancient times, the moonstone is associated with love, dreams and magic. It is considered as a highly valued gemstone which enhances intuition and promotes inspiration, vision and love. Arab women often embellish moonstones into their attire, because they considered it as a sign of fertility. In India, this precious stone is regarded as a holy and magical gemstone which fetches the wearer beautiful visions at night. It makes an ideal gem for ornaments with a sensual and feminine aura to it.

Moonstones belong to the orthoclase feldspar mineral family. They are a mixture of potassium aluminum silicate. This precious stone has a crystal composition that sparkles when light hits them. This reflection of color and light (from three dimensions) is called ‘Adularescence’. Other than blue there are green, peach, grey, and rainbow tinted moonstones. The stone is also worn for good digestive aid. It also enhances spiritual insight, eases childbirth, aligns vertebrae and ensures safe travel on water. These precious gemstones are exported from Sri Lanka, the ancient country of its origin.